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For decades, ABB motor control family has been powering machines by providing integrated hardware, software and services in most countries worldwide. Their specialization and long experience gained in this field has built up hands-on expertise for all activities related to the variable frequency drives. ABB's products and solutions for all your completely integrated and scalable water and wastewater systems, enables enterprises to implement new functionalities as operational needs evolve.


ABB has won Supplier of the Year at the Pump Industry Awards for the second year running and the sixth time overall.

ABB’s dedicated variable speed drive (VSD) for water and wastewater applications, ACQ580. Introduced in 2017, the ACQ580 is a truly digital drive that features a host of smart pump functions from anti-ragging to turbidity reduction.

VFD Solutions



  • Intelligent multi-pump control 

  • Quick ramps

  • Sleep boost 

  • Auto change 

  • Level control 

  • Soft pipe fill

  • Sensorless flow calculations 

  • Pump cleaning

  • Pump priority

  • Two independent adjustable accel/decel ramp

  • Two or three wire start/stop control 

  • Motor preheating

  • PID controllers for motor and process 

  • Motor flying start Process PID control

  • Coast to stop Ramp to stop

  • Real-time clock (scheduling) 

  • Run permissives

  • Start interlock delayed start 

  • PID controller parameters 

  • PID sleep / wake-up

  • Set point controllers (process and external) 

  • Dry pump protection

  • Dry run protection

  • Pressure protection 

  • Flow protection

  • Start-up assistants

The ACQ580 is the latest addition to the ABB drives portfolio. This robust, compact and energy efficient drive is designed for securing the flow of water and wastewater in your pumping system.


Secure the flow 

The ACQ580 variable frequency drive (VFD) delivers innovative pumping features for the water and wastewater industry. Primary Setting menu and assistants simplifies commissioning, setup and daily control. Embedded water and wastewater application features create an intuitive environment for users and dedicated pumping features enhance the performance of the pumping system.


Speak the language

Leveraging clear, water industry terminology, the control panel enables operators to efficiently interface with the drives in terms they use every day. The optional Bluetooth control panel allows for wireless commissioning and monitoring.


Feel the Power

ACQ580 drives are designed for customers who value reliability, high quality, and robustness. With embedded pump functionality, the ACQ580 keeps the pump system operating optimally and efficiently. Product features, such as coated boards and optional compact UL Type 12 enclosures, make the ACQ580 suitable for harsh conditions. 


All ACQ580 drives are current rated devices. The HP ratings provided are for reference only and are based on typical 4-pole motors at nominal voltages (NEC Table 430.250). If full motor torque is required, ensure the drive has a continuous current rating equal to, or greater than the full load amp rating of the motor.


The ACQ580 is available in both normal and heavy-duty ratings. Normal duty ratings provide a 110% short term overload rating for one minute every ten minutes. Heavy duty ratings provide a 150% short term overload rating for one minute every ten minutes. All ACQ580 drives and their protective functions are thoroughly tested for optimal performance.

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