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The Texas Cooperative is open to all local governments, and other political subdivisions in the state that are authorized to be a party to an interlocal cooperation agreement under the Interlocal Cooperation Act. While not eligible for Cooperative membership, TASB also offers nonprofit, tax-exempt entities use of the BuyBoard through a nonprofit subscriber agreement. If you are outside the state of Texas and interested in joining the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative, please refer to the sign-up information.



The Cooperative has a long history of issuing rebates to members inside the state of Texas.  Since 2006, we have rebated just over $33.8 million to our governmental membership—a claim no other Texas-based cooperative can make. For the most  year 2015-2016, $6.9 million was rebated. The rebate is reflective of the program’s value, benefit, and nonprofit administration. All rebates are at the discretion of the Cooperative's Board of Trustees. 

Compliance and Transparency

Contracts and vendors awarded through BuyBoard have been competitively procured, to assist members with Compliance with Texas local and state procurement requirements and a documented audit trail. Transparency in the procurement process is treated with a high degree of focus and is of paramount importance. All vendors are treated on equal terms and are on the same plane of competition. 

Unsure about which agreement to sign?

Call BuyBoard at 800.695.2919

E-mail, fax, or mail your executed agreement to: 


P.O. Box 400 
Austin, TX 78767-0400

Fax: 800.211.5454 

As soon as you join, you can begin using the BuyBoard AND start saving time and money!

Additional Discounts are available for large items or quantities.

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Installation and repair service can also be purchased through BuyBoard

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