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Motor Protection Solutions

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Equipment Malfunction

Nuisance Tripping of Circuit Breakers Inaccurate Measurements on Sensors

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dv /dt Filters

With the patented dV Sentry™ dv/dt filter, you get the most advanced motor protection in its class.

  • True common mode reduction, peak voltage protection, and rise time reduction

  • World leading motor protection technology

  • Low watts loss

  • Small, advanced, robust design, easily installed

  • Quiet as a conversation

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RL Reactors

Best-in class power quality units, unequalled in absorbing power line disturbances that can damage or shut down variable frequency drives (VFDs) and other sensitive equipment.

  • ​Most robust, highest continuous service factor

  • Low watts loss

  • Performance and durability that is unmatched by the competition

EMI RFI Filters

Solve electrical noise problems and protect your sensitive loads with Type RF EMI/RFI filters.

  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Touch safe construction

  • Reduction of common mode and differential mode noise emissions

  • Availability in ratings up to 600V; 50-60Hz

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RLW Reactors

Put an end to power spike issues and minimize downtime with RLW Line/Load Reactors from MTE. 

  • Proven performance in the field

  • Reliable and economical

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Ideal for OEMs, integrators and panel builders

Matrix® AP

Matrix® AP three-phase filter is the most advanced passive filter on the market today.

  • Adapts to varying power loads

  • Best performance in the industry

  • Extends the service life of electrical equipment

  • Generator compatible

  • Performance guarantee

SineWave Guardian™

The SineWave Filter virtually eliminates high frequency content and voltage peaks, thereby reducing motor heating to give you extended motor life—and less downtime.

  • Increases motor life

  • Easy to integrate, install and service

  • Operates in high ambient temperatures

  • High performance and reliability

  • Three year warranty

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