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Control Solutions

Laser level transmitter - LLT100


Low cost of ownership

  • No maintenance

  • No calibration necessary

  • Versatile level transmitter


  • Precise measurement of any solid or liquid surface

  • Dust and fog penetration capabilities

  • Explosion proof class 1 / division 1 (zone 1)


  • Fast and flexible installation

  • Easy setup function

  • 2 wire powered and HART communication

The LLT100 is a high performance laser transmitter that accurately measures level, distance and position over short and long ranges. It is a non-contact, level measuring instrument designed for industrial applications and harsh environments.

ProcessMaster Wafer FEM300 Minimag


  • Intuitive operation

  • Softkey-based functionality

  • “Easy Set-up” function

  • Non-contact buttons

  • Parameterization of the device without the need to open the housing

  • Diagnostics for real-life situations

  • Status messages in accordance with NAMUR

  • Help texts in the display

  • Maximum measuring accuracy

  • Maximum measuring error: 0.4 % of rate

  • Change from one to two columns

  • Universal transmitter

  • Reduces spare parts inventory costs and storage costs

  • Flowmeter sensor featuring state-of-the-art memory technology

  • Prevents errors and enables quick and reliable commissioning

  • Approvals for explosion protection

  • In accordance with FM, cFM Cl. I Div 1, Div2

  • HART Communication standard

  • Access to all status information

ProcessMaster Wafer is designed specifically to meet the increased requirements on advanced flowmeters. The modular design concept offers flexibility, cost-saving operation and reliability while providing a long service life and exceptionally low maintenance.


Integration into ABB asset management systems and usage of the self-monitoring and diagnostic functions increase the plant capacity and reduce downtimes.

AquaMaster3 Electromagnetic Flowmeter


  • Full range of power supply options

  • for lowest cost site preparation and energy usage​

  • Optional built in multi-sampling rate, pressure and flow data logger​

  • Wireless communication via optional

  • built in GSM modem​

  • Peace of mind with class leading, fully potted, IP68 electronic package​

  • Compatible with ABB’s full range of industry-leading flow sensors​

  • Full range of approvals​

ABB’s AquaMaster3 flowmeter sets the standard for potable water measurement, delivering best-in-class engineering with critical ownership and financial benefits for customers with challenging remote water metering and irrigation applications.

ABB Measurement Products

AquaMaster3 flow measurement

Saving every drop of energy

and cost naturally!

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